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Teeth Whitening in Central London

All sorts of different factors have an impact on the quality of your smile and whiteness is certainly one of them. The cleaner and brighter your smile the more attractive a feature it becomes. This is why we offer high quality teeth whitening treatments in the London area at affordable prices. We want everyone to be able to take advantage of having winning smile.

Teeth naturally become stained over time because they are frequently exposed to different foods and drinks that impair their natural whiteness. Smoking and other environmental factors compound the negative effect of these foods such that staining reaches a level that cannot be addressed by brushing alone.

Effective tooth whitening in a clinical environment is performed by professionals with the use of safe chemicals proven to greatly enhance the whiteness of your smile. The treatment is brief but has fabulous results and it is common practice for patients to attend three separate 15-minute sessions in order to enjoy a smile up to 8 shades lighter than previously.


It is possible to perform teeth whitening in as little time as you take for lunch. Your dentist places protective dams against your gums, applies a special compound, and then exposes your teeth to a UV light, which activates the compound and bleaches the stains from your tooth surface. Normally, there will be three 15-minute applications in total. Up to 8 shades lighter, with zoom advanced power whitening at Centre Point Dental.

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