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Regardless of the origin of your fear of dentists or dental procedures, we understand their potential to incapacitate and keep you from obtaining the dental treatments vital to your health. We want you to be able to pursue such treatment without fear or anxiety and can offer you several dental sedation options that will allow you to relax and receive the dental treatment you need.

Sedation is available by inhalation, breathing a mixture of gases that will calm you, or by injection/intravenous delivery. Your dentist will determine the best sedation for your situation and needs, and you will be constantly monitored while any sedation is being used. Dental sedations can make you drowsy and even after your treatment is complete, you may feel unsteady. For this reason, we ask that you have someone accompany you to your appointment and drive you home afterwards. Dental sedation is a proven, safe method that will alleviate your anxiety and relieve you of your fears.