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Dental Implants in London

Dental implants represent an important feature of tooth therapy because they enable you to replace flawlessly any missing teeth or teeth that are beyond repair. One of the most important advantages of using dental implants is that they are superbly realistic and they restore the natural appearance of your smile.

Patients in London can make use of our expert service in fitting custom-made dental implants. The process involves designing and producing a perfect replacement tooth using durable materials that are impervious to decay. This replacement is fit using a tiny titanium screw in the empty socket left by the absent original tooth.

This arrangement ensures that your dental implant does not just look perfect, but also performs perfectly too. It is vital that a replacement tooth is solid and functional and this is something that your dedicated implant dentist will make certain through custom design and expert fitting.

The only condition that prevents a dental implant from being fitting in our London clinic is an absence of suitable bone in the empty socket to provide an anchor for the titanium post. Otherwise, a dental implant can be used to instantly rejuvenate your smile.

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